A Failing System

electrical junction box, cables, stage light

Physical Computing
System Integration
A Failing System is a site-specific intervention within a series of live performances. I try to fix the electrical/lighting system in the venue that seems to be making noise and going out of control. My actions of moving back and forth and pushing beyond the stage represented a continuous pursuit of solutions, even to the point of exhaustion. This process of failing and repairing ultimately became the show.


Hightlights: 0m00s ~ 1m33s and 2m17s ~ 3m00s

photos and videos by NYU ITP Documentation Lab

Hightlight: 1m40s ~ 3m40s

video by Tuan Huang


Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang (1992, Taipei) is an artist, designer and technologist who plays with light, sculpture, electronics in performance and installation art.