California Institute of the Arts

LED, computers, musical instruments

Light Study
System Integration

An interactive installation converging sound and light in a performative environment. The curved sculpture is an arrangement of small cones fitting over LED pixels, resembling a wall of speakers. At the curve’s focal point, the sound is captured and its audible frequency is processed into algorithmic data which then being translated to visible light wavelength, animated real-time on the LED wall. The audience interacts with the installation by making sound to the microphone, the system generates the performance, and immerses the space with ever-changing tones and colors.


Music Collaboration

Six music performers/composers were invited to interact with the light sculpture with their acoustic instruments.
See full recording here:

ChucK programming, sound consultation - Martin Velez
ETC Eos programming - Dylan Phillips
Photography - Jake Maize
Technician - Alex Peck, Bri Pattillo, Dylan Phillips

Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang (1992, Taipei) is an artist, designer and technologist who plays with light, sculpture, electronics in performance and installation art.