Waveform, CultureHub LA x Shatto Gallery

LED, musical instruments, built environment

Light Study
System Integration

Based on the algorithmic concept from SPECTRUM I, the installation of SPECTRUM II shifts its focus to the relationships between light, sound and space. It is an integration with music performances that were inspired by, created for, generated with the interactive light sculpture, an experiment on the synthesis of audio harmony and visual aesthetics, and a rendering of the emotional cycle between the performer and the crowd.
Additionally, the luminous structure and the sound devices are carefully configured with the built environment. Alongside the development of the performance, the frequencies build up in certain parts of the room accompanied by various shades of color.

photos by Kyu Sun Hong

Below video is the demonstration with percussive instruments followed by footage of the piano performance.

Piano - Tim Johnson
Percussion - Anthony Storniolo
Technical Assistant - Dylan Phillips
Videography - Scarlett Kim
Installation Assistant - Kamyi Lee, Gahyae Ryu
Sound Design Consultation - John Conant

Josephine Pu-Sheng Wang (1992, Taipei) is an artist, designer and technologist who plays with light, sculpture, electronics in performance and installation art.